Decor Window DIY

So for anyone that love DIY’s and Farmhouse style stuff you will love this. I recently visited the Silos of Waco, TX that the the famous and amazing JoAnna Gains created for all the Farmhouse lovers out there. But unlike a lot of people I cannot afford most items in the store. I honestly think some are just over prices but then again I am that girl that walks into any store and goes straight for the SALE sign! So I’m use to going for the cheaper and discounted items that sometimes I think everything is overpriced. But maybe that’s just me. But if it isn’t then… Welcome! And I hope you like this DIY.

So when I was at the Silos walking around there was one item in particular that just stood out. Mostly because I have been wanting one for a very long time. 

I’ve seen these all over Pinterest. But whenever looked any up there were expensive. So when I saw this beauty…

I immediately grabbed the tag to see what it cost. And of course I wasn’t surprised when it had a tag for $95! 

Of course for some this is nothing but for me $95 for something that I absolutely don’t need is unnecessary. But I was determined to find a way to have this Window without paying almost $100 for it. 

So came my own window…

Window 1

I had a project not log ago to make a coffee table out of a barrel I found at Home Depot. (I’ll post a listing about it soon) I was going to make the top of the table Ou of planks of wood going across but in the end I decided to go with plywood. Now I got the more expensive plywood because it was thicker and of course nicer. Best part if there’s anything wrong with the wood at Home Depot they discount it 70%. 

But back to the window. I had some left over plywood for my coffee table project and decided to make my new decor windows out of this remaining plywood. 

So first I drew out what I wanted my window to look like. To get it as equal as possible I drew a grid because my first attempt to free hand it was a compete fail. 

Once I had the design I wanted I colored in the parts that would get cut so there were no confusions once the blade started moving.

Then we drilled holes to put the jigsaw blade in to cut along the lines. 

This is the part that took some time but once all the  wholes were cut came the sanding, planning, and painting. 

And then Walla…

My very own window. But only Window 1. I will be making a new one very soon. A bigger one. With a little more details. With my remains plywood once again. So a $95 window at the Silos, costed me literally nothing. But if your interested in making one out of plywood. It can cost anywhere for $7 or $20 if you buy the more expensive one but if your like me and find one with a little damage I got the expensive $30 one for $7 at Home Depot. Because it was damaged on one side. Not bad. So overall cost of this project…


So why not go and make yourself one. And this way you can customize it to your likening. To the size and details you’d prefer. 
I hope y’all all enjoyed and have a great day.

This Blessed House


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