Ash cutting boards

So let’s talk wood…

Everyone knows the normal types of wood like walnut, cedar, maple, mahogany, pine, cherry, birch and etc…

But what about those really nice woods. That’s rear to hear about. Like poplar, Ash, Adler, Purple Heart, zebra wood, birds eye, tiger wood and etc…

Well we have a local hardwood shop just down the street from us where they have about every type of wood. Houston Hardwoods.

Of course some of these woods are very expensive but they have about everything you can think of. 

So we took a small trip there and picked up two small pieces of Ash. It sat around our apartment for about a week before we figured what we wanted to make out of the beauty. 

Cutting boards. 

Now we looked up how much Ash cutting boards go for. And let’s say they are very profitable. A small one can go for anything between $35 to $120. So why not make our own out of the board we have. 

So we tried to utilize the intire board and not waste any. So 1 small board became 4 small cutting boards. 

We wanted our cutting boards to be different and unique. I think they definitely are. 

We then rounded the edges and sanded them down. To have that professional look. Each board was different. Two had handles and two didn’t. 

I wanted one to have a round edge so that you could place a plate next to the cutting board and easily swipe off what you’ve cut right onto the plate. Not even having to lift the cutting board. 

I think overall for our first cutting boards they came out amazing if I do say so myself. 

Side note. Ash is a very hardwood and if you are using this board you will need to wet your blade. Our burnt the wood in a few places. 

Welcome thanks for reading and have a blessed Day. 

Hope y’all go out and make something neat and unique out of some different types of wood (:

This Blessed House



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