DIY Christmas Banner

Simple Christmas banner out of wrapping paper & string. What women doesn’t have this in there house during Christmas time right!


  • Wrapping paper
  • String
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie/marker
  • Iron
  • Cloth/towel
  • Wall tacks

First you need to determine how big you want the letters to be. I only made my banner pieces 2.25″ wide so I could fit all 14 letters on one strip. But size is up to you. Once you know the size you want you measure it out with your ruler and pencil and. Ale your marks of where you’ll cut.

Now because you are cutting these out of wrapping paper it will have the curve to it. Now this is an easy fix. Just place a cloth or towel over the pieces and iron them down. (Stacking them all at once will not work)

Once you have ironed them down you can cut your design at the dottom. This step is completely optional but does make all the difference in look. All you need to do is find your middle decide how high you want your point and then draw and cut. (I went 1″ high)

Then you draw your letters!

Next after all your letters have been drawn out on the papers you will need to make your two nicks at the top for the string to go through.

Then start stringing each letter… M… E… R… R… Y… …. C… H… R… I… S… T… M… A… S!

Then you just tie a wall tacks to each of the ends and hang your banner!

Hope y’all liked this very easy Christmas DIY. And would love to see your banners!

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From This Blessed House

Happy Holidays

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