DIY Mason Jar Solar Lanterns


Now I wanted some cute lights for night that wouldn’t require battery’s or any use of electricity. With late night bathroom runs I wanted something that helps my kids see where they were going without running into anything. So I made these very simple and very affordable Mason Jar Solar lights that you can get everything need from your local Dollar Tree. Materials:

  • Mason jars
  • Pebbles
  • Solar lights

Now this is a very easy DIY.

First you take your lid of your mason jar and pour a pack of pebbles in the jar. You can get variety of colors or clear. Depending on how much light you’d light the clear pebbles will give you the most light. Next you take the lid off the jar and remove the metal plate that keeps it closed.

You will then squeeze the solar light through the top(remove the staff from the bottom that lets it stand in the ground) and then shut your top of your jar.

The pebbles will give the solar light a reflection and allow the solar light to stay high enough for sun to hit and charge the light.

And your done! Easy right? And prefect for some extra inexpensive light at night.

Very cute and very inexpensive lights. All you’ll need to do is charge them during the day and to our ready for night!

Enjoy and Have a blessed day

This Blessed House!


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