Making money at home

As y’all know I am a stay at home mom of two. And a 23 year old at that. I haven’t worked in over two years and after awhile it started to sink in that I love shopping and buying things but don’t have the income to support my shopping sprees.

So I did what any stay at home momma does. Google search “stay at home jobs” or “online jobs”

But as you y’all know once again all that comes up are scams. Heck, there might be a few legitimate actual jobs on that search but who knows. Because at the scams have reuined them. And I don’t know about you but I am not about to sink into my saving to take a risk that might not work.

So I looked for more realistic ways to make some extra cash at home. One thing every women has in common is we have tons of things! Am I not right?! I can go anywhere in my apartment and find plenty of things I just don’t need. And some that can be worth a little cash. So I started selling unused stuff for some money. Movies, books, furniture, clothing, etc…

Some of the best apps and only apps I used are:

Poshmark: an app that you can sell clothing of women’s, men’s and now kids. And you can even sell other stuff. The only thing is any sales under $15 they take a flat fee of $2.95 but any sales above $15 they take 20% of your sale. But probably one of the most used apps so tons of other user and tons of chances for a sale. Sometimes it might take some waiting but sales will happen.

Another app is:

Mercari: Honestly to me. One of the best apps out there. Easy to used. And until last month never took a percentage out of your sales. They now unfortunately take a percentage of your sales but unlike a lot of apps they are only taking 10% of your sale. Not bad, right?! It’s defiantly worth it.

eBay: everyone knows about eBay. And almost everyone shops on eBay. Or is that just me? I love eBay. You can find some many people selling items for 70% off and sometimes brand freaking new. But it is great for selling because you have buyers from all around the world giving you a better chance of selling something. eBay gives you a certain amount of listing FREE and after that your listing cost .30¢ each. Then they do take 10% and few extra fees but if you sale a good amount it’s worth it in the long run.

OfferUp: Now for your local! What’s better then selling to someone near you that can pick up the item so your not worried about shipping. This app is best for big items like furniture, kid toys, huge lots of unwanted stuff. Basically anything you’d sell in garage sale.

There also other apps and sites like letgo, Craigslist and so on. But the above apps are preferred and at the moment most used apps. And personally I won’t sell on Craigslist. To scary to many stories out there.

There are also other ways to make some extra cash. Now you might have so good friends. Elderly friends, that don’t used app. Probably don’t even know what those are… but have things lying around there house they need GONE. ASAP. Who’s to say you can’t help them sell for a percentage. When they need it gone and your offering a way to make some money they will love the idea. I have been selling for over a year on eBay for one of my moms friends that doesn’t want to have to deal with all the customers and in my favor I make %15 commission. A great deal right? All I do is list an item, answer some questions and make some money.

You never know how many friends that might just need your help selling there stuff.

And lastly my all time favorite selling page is…

Drum roll please….

Redbubble!!!! Now for those of you that have a creative side and tons and tons of time to spare, you will love this site! All you do is upload some of your art, add it to some items to sell and list it. And presto, you have a listing that never ends that has whatever items you clicked to sell(clocks, wall tapestry, tops, scarfs, skirts, phone cases, notebooks, etc…) and the buyers does the rest. I have plenty of times forgotten about checking my page and just have tons of sales. And yes some months that I haven’t sold anything. But for something you don’t spend a single dime on. It’s worth it! 100%! You can’t lose on this. Buyers buy your stuff you make the percentage you have chosen. You can higher or lower your prices. I personally keep mines at the automatic price the site sets since the products are already slightly pricey so you make anywhere from .12¢ to $5 a sell. Not much? Well when you add multiple sales it adds up and you get paid every 15th for all sales that aren’t pending.
So I hope this has helped you discover some new ways to make you some money online without spending any money.

Have a blessed day from 

This Blessed House


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